Pahwaro Jabal

is the name of the mountain in the Karachi township of Gadap which once spanned over 3000 acres.

The name 'Pahwaro' is made of two Sindhi words. Pah means musibat, (struggle), and waro means wale (of). When Sassui crossed this mountain in search of Punnhu she had to face many difficulties, which is why it came to be called Pahwaro - of struggle.

What follows

is an interactive browser-based archive emerging from the Gadap Sessions – a course organised in 2016 by Karachi LaJamia in collaboration with Karachi Indigenous Rights Alliance. The Gadap Sessions set out to study and document the historical township of Gadap as it underwent rapid and violent transformation at the hands of the real estate mega-development corporation Bahria Town.


Abeera Kamran, Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani

With content from: Abdul Karim Gabol, Basil Andrews, Din Mohammad, Faiz Mohammad Gabol, Gul Hasan Kalmatti, Kanda Khan, Mah Bibi, Nawaz Ali Baloch, Reem Khurshid and Sarah Kazmi.